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Bubblegum and Baseballs and Boomerangs, Oh My!

Do you have one of those ultra-curious kids who is always asking, "How'd they do that?"
Do you ever wonder how every day objects such as bowling balls, buttons, boxes, and bags are made?
Ever stop to wonder how tofu, hummus, or Swiss cheese are produced?
Thinking about a new and unique bell ringer or warm-up you can incorporate in your classes next school year?

Check out my newest Pinterest board filled with more than 200 short videos about every day foods and objects and how they are made! There are videos here to engage a variety of interests, from foodies to fashionistas, architects to athletes, and musicians to mechanics!

Use these videos to keep your own children engaged over the summer, or use them in your class to prompt creative writing, drawing, or art journaling (how would you make your ideal toy/pizza/ instrument/sandwich/video game?) These videos can also be used to inspire learners to research how other everyday objects are made, or to interest kids in creating their own "How It's Made" videos! So many uses . . . so little time!
Happy Learning!

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