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3 Ways to Save During the Last 3 Days of July!

I've been thoroughly enjoying a bit of a summer hiatus! I hope you  have, too!

I originally intended to take off the entire month of July and not to blog again until August 1 . . . but I'm a few days early because I don't want you to miss out on some fabulous deals! Although I still have a few end-of-summer activities to enjoy yet (blueberry picking, anyone?!?), I can't think of a better way to start gearing up for back-to-school than with a few bargains!

First . . . you know my last blog post? The June 30th post titled, "What Are You Doing This Summer?" . . . well, I had so much fun creating that list that I decided to modify it into a back-to-school product for students!  Of course, the most exciting thing about coming back to school (for students!) is catching up with friends and talking about your summer -- this gives students an opportunity to do just that while squeezing in a little academic review, too! The challenge is to use unique verbs and nouns for each item on the list! The engaging part is creating word art to make the product pop, making this a fun and engaging back-to-school activity that sneaks in some academic review and really let's students' strengths shine through! Best of all -- it's FREE!

Second . . . one of my best-selling products, Don't Write About Your Writing, is available for free in a giveaway being hosted by One Teacher's Adventures:

Third . . . for the first time ever, I'm participating in "Two for Tuesday" . . . so TWO of my products are on sale today only for 50% off! These two gems can be used all school year to add some pizzazz to your classes! Get 'em while they're hot -- in 24 hours, they go back to full price!

Happy Bargain-Hunting!
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