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Literary Sherri is Coming Out of the Deep Freeze!

’Tis the season . . . cold and flu season, that is! The holly jolly days are over, the bills have arrived, the temperatures have dropped well below freezing, and all manner of colds, flus, and viruses are making their rounds. January is the month we’d all like to crawl back under warm covers for a long winter’s nap . . . which also makes it the perfect month to pull a great resource out of the deep freeze and add some sizzle to our lessons! 180 Review Games and Brain Breaks can help: 

This is one of those go-to resources when you have 5 minutes to fill or 20 minutes to review! Review academic content, take a quick brain break, get students moving, do a quick informal assessment, and energize your lessons with the games and activities on these 74 task cards!

For example, you could play "Pass the Chicken":
Students stand about an arm’s length apart in a circle, with one person standing in the center.

Give the person in the center a task (each student can receive a new category). Their goal is to respond to the task before the students in the circle pass a rubber chicken (or beach ball, beanbag, or other soft object) around the circle three times.
Repeat until each student has been in the circle.

Name 10 vegetables found in a salad              
Name 10 team sports
Name 10 words containing the word “sun”   
Name 10 countries
Name 10 ice cream flavors                               
Name 10 Greek gods
Name 10 nouns
Name 10 multiples of 8

Over 100 variations gives you more than 180 games . . . plenty of games and activities to add some sizzle in January and every other day of the school year!

Thanks to ELA Buffet and Desktop Learning Adventures for hosting this Secondary Smorgasbord! Look below for other fabulous resources that secondary sellers are bringing out of the deep freeze!


  1. Every teacher needs a go-to resource like your 180 Review Games and Break Breaks to keep their students engaged from bell to bell. Thanks for sharing!

    Michele Luck
    A Lesson Plan for Teachers

    1. I agree, Michele! Quick and quirky little games like this engage students and keep them actively involved in their learning -- and excited about it!

  2. Great ideas! Games and Brain Breaks can save a teacher's sanity on certain days. Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Some days, saving one's sanity is at the tip-top of the priority list, right?!? Glad these can help! :)

  3. Love that these can be used in any subject area! Brain breaks are so cool!

    1. You know I adore integrating literacy with all disciplines -- and you're exactly right! EVERY teacher can use these and adapt them to their own subjects or topics of study! I included variations in all disciplines to make it quick and easy for everyone to use these in their own classes!

  4. These ideas created terrific word pictures in my head. I can so see engaged students proving that learning is fun. What a necessary product for days shortened by weather delays, and other teaching interruptions.

    Happy Teaching,

    1. Connie, I'm so happy you can visualize students engaging in these review games and brain breaks! All students deserve to know that learning is FUN! I'm glad these task cards can help convey that important concept!


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