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Catching Up!

Time flies when you’re . . . well, it always flies! I took a bit of a digital break to re-connect with family I hadn’t seen in many years. This was only the second time in a decade I’ve seen my brother and my sister, and the first time all three of us have been together since Christmas of 1994 . . . so I felt our days together warranted some technology-free time!
Our time together was beautiful – filled with laughter, tears, joy, and countless hours of talking, talking, and more talking . . . in fact, my entire trip had only two glitches: My drive out took me through Cincinnati at the exact time that the Bengals were playing the Cleveland Browns – which I definitely would not recommend! We drove exactly 4 miles in 90 minutes! And supporting the local VFW in my brother’s town included a bit of adventurous eating – which I also would not recommend! (Let me clarify -- I wholeheartedly recommend supporting your local VFW! It's the main entree of this meal that I don't recommend!) Can anyone identify this?

In the midst of all the busyness of trip-planning and travelling, I was honored to accept an invitation from The Teaching 2-Step Bloggers to contribute to their collaborative blog. This is a group of 10 terrific Teacher-Authors working together to bring you the best ideas, strategies, and resources out there! Find my first post here:

I also posted a freebie in my TpT shop . . . 12 thoughtful, creative, and FUN writing prompts that commemorate winter holidays around the world, including:
St. Nicholas Day
Fiesta of Our Lady of Guadalupe
Winter Solstice
Boxing Day
New Year's Eve

Grab it here:

I hope you're thoroughly enjoying your autumn! I'm off to create more holiday resources . . .

Happy November!

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